Books come to life…

The whole of life has been a spiritual journey and if truly honest, and game enough to declare it, the endgame for me, is enlightenment. The illumination of the soul’s potential and oneness with the creator.

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I don’t really know what enlightenment is and how to get there, but for me consistent meditation practice, gratitude and humility are some of the keys.

On the way, as i meditate, heal, release, learn and grow, spiritual gifts, intuition and awareness have increased or dropped in. These gifts are gratefully received, but never expected. Many years ago, i was instructed that it is easy for the ego to get caught in the illusion of these experiences, and to distract from the core task of spiritual evolution. The raising of the soul’s vibration and the arrival of wisdom.

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About five years ago, a strange thing started that i’d not experienced since childhood.  Books started to come to life! Or perhaps books are triggers that bring me to life? Quite literally, when reading particular books, i can feel it’s energetic resonance, it’s vibration. There are a few that have particularly touched me, affected my life and healing, and have given great wisdom. I am truly thankful to the writers of these books.

When this happens, I can experience a range of things.  These include: tingles all over my body; zappy shocks up and down my spine; goose bumps everywhere; my body starts to vibrate and pulse, particularly in the higher chakras; new energies can break through; visions may appear, seeing various colours, flashes of light or images; my ears ring; i can feel energies around me; amongst other things channeled wisdom or messages may drop through. Other things have happened as well, being lifted out of my body for example. Meditation has taught me to observe this occurring, with no expectation or judgement.

Although this video is an exaggeration, these experiences remind me of this scene from harry potter.

This scene always makes me smile!

It’s not something that i can explain. Some might see it as an active imagination, but for me it seems to be part of the process of spiritual awakening, and is stronger when there is something particular to observe or learn. Perhaps it occurs to draw my attention to these spiritual lessons? As i read, it’s like i’m tuning into the energy beneath the words.

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I understand that this experience is different for everyone, as each individual will resonate with different books.

Have you experienced anything like this? Have you ever physically experienced the energy of a book? I’d love to hear how you experience and explain this phenomenon. Perhaps you experience it as the flight of imagination?  How do you make sense of it? Love to hear your story.

Have a juicy and inspired day!

Much love


ps I couldn’t fit many in this post, but for something fun, google image search “books come to life” or “magical books” and enjoy all the fab images! :o)

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7 thoughts on “Books come to life…

  1. I know that feeling of experiencing the energy beneath the words. I think sometimes, even though I’ve received and assimilated the message, that is why I find it so hard to let go of a book that has that life in it. It’s so much more than a book.

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  2. I love this post Sarah. I’ve been completely absorbed into books from certain time periods. When I say absorbed, I mean, I feel like I’ve disappeared from my existing world and melded into the scenes from the book I’m reading. Books on Avalon do this to me and recently I experienced the weirdest sensations reading The Apothecary’s Daughter, set in 1700 England. It is truly a gift to experience these amazing journey’s, and yes, I think each book that resonates, has something to teach us. Thanks for another wonderful post.

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  3. Catching up on my blog reading (August was blown away) and to read this is beautiful. I was initially going to say I don’t think I’ve noticed this, however as I read the comments (especially aspiritedgirl’s) I can say I do lose myself in the worlds of some books (and also tv and movies). Seems, the medium isn’t what triggers me, rather than place and time of my interactions with them is. Then again, I am also one who loses myself quite deeply in my own worlds and stories – to the point I can get cranky if I’m disturbed as I’m letting the words flow out of my mind to screen/paper. Hugs xo

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