Dare to dream…

 “Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future”. Nelson Mandela

Years ago, when working with young people experiencing homelessness, I noticed that one of their greatest fears was to dream. There was this overwhelming feeling that life and people had let them down. Whilst they often secretly yearned for something different, they were afraid to dare dream, lest they be shattered again.

“It’s always easier to sabotage dreams myself, than to wait for it to happen, the waiting is the worst!” I was told.

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My heart always went out to them, and secretly dreamed there was an easy way for them to move forward and unlock the life they wanted. A life based on self love and acceptance, nurture and connection, being at peace. In reality, it was a slow process of listening, being respectful, offering practical support and strategies to gently move someone into their future.

The key was to honour the story and its impact, to shift perception, and to gently create and experience a new reality. For example, after listening to a life story of hardship and abuse, we would take time to pause and acknowledge the young person as an amazing survivor. This would often be a new way of seeing themselves, as more than a victim of circumstance.

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Sometimes there were big shifts, sometimes small, always tempered by the complexity of human beings weathered by unjust circumstances. Even now, years later, i hold each and every young person close in my heart and wish them the very best in their lives. I particularly hope they have created the loving family they often craved.

So how do we gently nurture our hopes and dreams?

In they busy-ness of life, the paralysis of fear or adversity of life circumstances, how do we keep those secret yearnings alive and bring them into reality?

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What strategies work for you, especially when you’re feeling stuck or fearful? Perhaps a dream journal, a vision board, a gentle shift in your state of being or another method? What gets you motivated? How do you gently nurture yourself and your dreams?

Love to hear your suggestions…

Wishing you a magical day, to release fears and unlock your beautiful dreams.

Much love


4 thoughts on “Dare to dream…

  1. Hi – I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I call it self-care, and recently, in the middle of a 40 day heart opening practice – I really needed to up my self care to deal with all the mighty forces I had unleashed 🙂 So…writing, yoga, meditation, hugs, talking to loved ones, a daily walk outside with my dog, time alone, a facial, reading a book in the sun are all things I do to care for my self. I have been writing about the process on my blog: http://smellsgoodfeelsgood.com/2014/08/11/opening-pandoras-box-2/ Lovely blog, by the way!


  2. How wonderful for those who have crossed your path and be assisted in finding their voices/dreams/way in this life. I must admit it is something I still struggle with (we won’t go into trust here, it’s kinda big one to lol) and I think the only thing that I have learnt over time is to be gentle with myself as I learn to walk and trust the rays and beams again. The practical of that, hmm, nothing leaps to mind. Perhaps it is a mix of just allowing this very busy mind to wander, in whatever direction it wishes and trust (see, that word again) that it will be for the greater good of all. Hugs, xo

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